MASS is not only a distributor of hi-level electronic security sytems , but a value added partner to their clients. MASS has certified and experienced team members to assist their clients with the installation of very elite products and systems. MASS assists you with the commissioning of the site while building long term relationships with you. MASS has an experienced and certified team to assist you with all system related queries, installations and maintenance of all installed systems.

M.A.S.S serves as a company that optimises system functionality and improves the overall operational efficiency and reliability of every system and solution provided. M.A.S.S brings a fresh and innovative approach to consulting and integration services, acting as a liaison between the end-user, the system integrators and various hardware and software product providers.

M.A.S.S is a specialist security systems supplier catering for the higher end of the electronic security market. M.A.S.S's product range even includes an Israeli Satellite for CCTV transmission for clients in areas without stable communication platforms.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have a range of highly specialised and unique products.
  • We have a team with over 60 years experience in this industry.
  • We have an exceptional track record.
  • We are reliable and make it our mission to always maintain our excellent image and reputation.
  • We live our brand.
  • We are the kind of expert team you want on your side.
  • Extensive industry knowledge and experience.
  • Ideal choice as a preferred projects based supplier to system integrators